After Long Time

Whenever I call or write to Mausami, she is always incredibly surprised to hear from me. “Oh Erika, so good to hear from you after long time, sister!” Of course she is also the pop diva who said to me “Don’t forget about us, dear,” as if I could possibly do that even after a long time. But after a few months of not posting on this blog and not churning on the book, I am finally considering a re-write – “after long time.” Mostly just a heavy editorial pass to catch and change a couple things I missed in the first printing, but that isn’t the point.

For months after the book was written, my writing pen went dry. I had no inspiration to write or even to climb mountains, which I connect to the writing process in a number of ways. So I looked for a spark, an inspiring topic or a reason to say something – anything at all in the same sort of voice that the book spoke in.

You can’t rush creativity, so I sat and tried to be patient – I don’t do that very well. Then, after what must have been long enough, the pen refilled with ink and began scrawling a bit again. We’ll see how it goes.