The Guts of Volunteering

Stepping back with some description of our purpose, mostly for perspective:

We are a small group and don’t pretend that we will be erecting a building or re-arranging a village with our few hands. But our hopes are in some ways larger. Our focus is on education and medical assistance. Our basic premise is to empower the people and the children that we work with so that they can walk their own path with fewer roadblocks. We’ll spend some time getting into the communities, rallying the locals and engaging them in the work so that they will be invested in it once we’re gone. There are so many roadblocks in a country with so little infrastructure, such varied landscape and an unsettled government. But that offers us an opportunity to make change much more readily than elsewhere. Or one hopes, because there is so much to do. Broad strokes. With few hands. To develop empowerment and responsibility. That’s the thought of the day.



If you have brainstorms or insight that might help, please contact me.

1 thought on “The Guts of Volunteering”

  1. You sound like you have a good handle on it. There is only so much work you can do yourselves. You are much more effective as agents of change, helping others to make change. That is also the only way to create lasting change.

    This brings to mind the allegory (?) of fishing. Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he’s never around when work needs to be done. Or something like that.

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