That Feeling

You know that feeling when you’ve been pushing hard for something for a long time? When you’ve been thinking about it every spare moment, working through the details in your head, in hopes that some of it actually happens?

I made headway today in planning volunteer work in Chitwan, the hot, southern part of Nepal where we’ll be for a couple of days. Still no guarantees, but at least it’s not a huge indefinite black hole anymore.

I knew that all it would take is a phone call, but connecting internationally, across 13 time zones and intermittent electricity is a larger challenge than it seems. But today the call got through and somehow that feels like a huge amount of headway, just when I needed it. It gave me that feeling of success after inordinate amounts of trial. It made the dreams in my head inch closer to the reality of my immediate future.

I love that feeling.

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