Feel it Coming Back Again

I love it when music inspires a post. The LIVE song reflected in this title played in the car on my commute this morning. But before that happened, this happened: I opened my mail to find serendipity. I’ve been cranking on my business, wrapping things up, getting things started, trying to hand things off for this upcoming month. I’m focusing on here, close things, top of mind things, and there in my in-box was the reminder that I needed: A new comment posted on one of my YouTube videos (this is a rarity). It said “Awesome… feeling like… I’m home. Thank you.” and the name was undoubtedly Sherpa in origin. That made me go back and remember the video I’d made so long ago, which brought the feelings all back and shouted to me that it’s coming. I can feel it coming back again, like a rolling thunder chasing the wind (LIVE lyrics, in case you missed it). And that’s what it feels like. If my daily whirl of activities are the wind, the thunder will catch up just as I board the plane. It’s coming. I can feel it just about to find me. I can feel it: Coming back again.