Rest Day – Sightseeing Hike

 The day that AC and the musicians landed, Mary Beth and I were scheduled to take a hike up to the top of AC’s ridge (they should just name it that – I don’t think it has a name, though it’s above 10,000 feet). At the top is a monastery and stupa (white temple that usually accompanies a monastery, but they can stand alone as well). Ang Tsering, our Sherpa guide was a monk before he started guiding 5 years ago. So he has tons of Buddhist knowledge and is happy to tell us all about the religious details that escape us. How lucky is that. Our plan was to visit a few monasteries on this trip. Maybe we’ll add a few for fun!

Rhodies covering every hillside on the way up.


Another 1100 feet elevation up above AC’s house we reached the top of the ridge (putting us just below 10,000 feet again) and the stupa
This also gave us some awesome views of the Everest region, including the king himself. This is Everest on the left, Nupse on the right. (Photographers forgive me – no processing software here)


Ang Tsering teaching us about Buddha’s lives – from hell (at the bottom) to enlightenment.


The sky was awesome 


Stupa top with Everest and neighbors in the distance. They are actually closer than this photo makes them appear (17 mm on crop sensor). Keep in mind we’re walking from here most of the way to Everest over the next several days.


Memorial stupa on the hill – a second one to commemorate the founder of this monastery


Sunrise this morning from AC’s front deck (out of order). Mera peak in the distance


Mani stones near the entrance to the area