Trekking in Solu

As much as I tried, this is no longer a chronology. So here are some shots and stories from our first several days trekking.

First we had to say goodbye to our cook, Dhanraj, who invited us to his home for coffee around his fire.


His family was so happy to pose for this photo. His wife, sister and her baby, mom and 2 sons live here.
Baby goat – too cute not to share!


Passing back over the trek from Tapting to Salleri we went off path for a minute to see this view! Spectacular view of Everest and her neighbors! AC never mentioned that, either!


In Salleri we had to say good bye to Little Mingma.


Our views looked like this for about 4 days. Into the forest occasionally, then back out and through villages. 


This is the only female stone worker I have seen. The ones in Namche began at 6 am and didn’t stop chiseling until 6 pm.


Past the now-closed Phaplu airport.


Past beautiful people doing their daily thing.


Past children in school (we were quite a distraction this far off the tourist track)


Excellent marketing: “Every Thing Available Here”




“Buff” or water buffalo. They live primarily in India, but are marched up here before they become food. Buff is a main meat staple since cows are sacred, they are not eaten. This is the only live buff I have seen in 2 trips. 


We reached Ringma on our second day of trekking. Lunch here. Finally remembered how lunch prep goes. Order, wait an hour, amazing, super fresh (often picked after you order, from behind the lodge) food appears before you. A marvel!


We came from Phaplu, opted out of Junbesi and continued…


To Namche (4 days walk away) By the way, spelling is optional.