Trekking in Solu Part 2

I’ve smashed a day and a half of trekking into this one. Together the two days were about 18 miles, four mountain passes, up 4000 ft, down, cross a bridge, 4000 ft up, over a pass, 4000 down again, then… Mary Beth, my cartography expert has estimated we did 18,000 vertical feet in 2 days. No wonder we felt whipped. It was only the beginning.
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Heading toward Taksindu Monastery – just below 10,000 feet elevation


Entrance to Taksindu Monastery


Inside – silver stupa model and silver bowls


Area map of Taksindu 
Awesome waterfall in the area
An old temple near Karikhola. This was between 2 huge passes on our biggest hiking day, Nuntala to Puiya.  We dropped into the river valley twice, to about 6000 ft, then back up to 10,000 at each pass. Good thing there were pretty things to look at in between. There were no other tourists on the trail. So cool!
Medicine trees planted among the terraced crops.
Our lodge, Shangrila, in Nuntala and it felt like Shangrila just to stop walking up and up and up for sure!