Through the Window

My first moments in Kathmandu are filled with adrenaline and expectation, so I have my camera at the ready. But they also happen in a car from the airport. I can’t help but click, even though I am behind a windshield, or shooting over someone’s shoulder out an open window. These images capture those moments of anticipation, the first moments of arrival when everything is new again and the largest culture-acclimatization hasn’t happened yet. By the time I left a month after these were taken, most of the images had become invisible to my eyes.

Through the Window

Fruit vendors.

Homes by the river. We’re passing over a bridge.

One of the major markets in the tourist district.

Brightly colored ladies shopping the markets.

The mask shop.

A police barricade for a demonstration that was anticipated. The new prime minister had only been elected two weeks before and there was unrest in Kathmandu as a result. I also love the tangle of electrical wires in the upper left above the mass of police.

Big brother tending his keep

Monks and a tag-along. I did a study about monks in my last post.