Just a window into my Nepanglish communications. These talks make me giddy. I am a total hack at the Nepali language (which is a second or third language for most “Native Nepali speakers”). And they write it with our alphabet using phonetics when they type at me in English which always change depending on the mother tongue of the speaker. (Nepali is a lingua franca, or bridge language for all of the actual mother tongues that are spoken in the homes there). Often I have to say the words out loud to get the meaning. Try it in the places where he is speaking English. It works. (Rough summary at the bottom to see how well you did.)

Side note: Last time I was in Nepal I was able to learn not only more Nepali, but also other mother languages of Nepal. I picked up more Sherpa language, Tamang greetings and salutations and even “Cheers” in a Chitwan dialect. Ask me how I learned that.

Greetings sister, how are you?
are you in the US or Nepal?

Yes sister, greetings to you already
Is AC in Nepal now?

Yesterday I saw all your photos of Nepal on  your timeline.

Sister, do you know about/have radracha beads in your country?
Yesterday I saw your pictures with some?