Traveling with Record Holders

Occasionally I stop and marvel at the turns I’ve traveled on life’s path, at the amazing people I have run across and worked with. Two years ago today I was in a car with five other people for eight hours on a thin and curvy Nepal road. The company wasn’t unremarkable. In 2012 Chhurim Sherpa became the first woman to summit Mt Everest twice in a single season. There was an Indian woman on her heels going for the same record, but, with a little support, in the way of supplies, Chhurim pulled it off and stood on the summit of Everest twice inside of a week. When I returned to Nepal I not only met her, but traveled with her for several days. We did some NGO work together at a school in rural Chitwan. And we had some fun, too. The combination of Diamox and malaria meds made us a little loopy. Thanks to Mary Beth for being my trusty travel partner and comedian all along the way.

Happy birthday, Chhurim! Climb on!