A Window In

-Have you heard?
-Yes, but I’m traveling without regular internet for one more day. Don’t know details until I get home. Thanks.

Arrive at SEA. Airport news I try to ignore with 23 kids I’m chaperoning…
Facebook notification:

Safety check graphic


27 of your friends are listed in the affected area.
Marked as safe when I got there: Lakpa, Krishna, Tsering, Sonam… 15 not marked as safe.
Read 3 articles on the devastation. Death toll at 1200.

-Namaste all, I am ok, but me and family are sleeping on the ground by our home because of aftershocks.
-Thank you for checking in. I am glad you are ok. Hug your family for me.


Yards of friends posting on Facebook. God forbid that tool ever go away. Or the friends.


-Have you heard?
-Yes, thanks.


-Heart’s with you. Hope you’re ok.
-Hanging in there. Thanks for checking in.

2000 death toll.

-Erika, I’m sure you’ve seen this but, I am thinking of you…
-Thanks, yeah. Still waiting for some to report in that they are safe. Appreciate you checking with me.

drone vid img

More articles.
Death toll at 2500.
Eight left to check in of 27.

Facebook message: I am ok. Family is ok. We sleep on ground because home is bad.

-Hello dear, I am so happy you are safe. Thanks for checking in.
-Yap, my family is too.
-But now I am at the airport in Qatar and I want to go home to see my family. Plane is delayed.
-Aw, sorry. because of unsafe landing in KTM?
-Maybe. I don’t know.
-Please be safe. I am sorry for all the losses.
-Ya ya.
-Did you have good concerts in Qatar and Swiss?
-Qatar is nice Swiss is ok.
-That is great perspective. Most Americans would like Swiss more than Qatar.
-Yes I know. Nepali too.
-Do you like Qatar better?
-I like dollor and petrol both ha ha.
-Lala. Ha! you are funny.

Leave it to Nepalis to make me laugh when I need it most. And when they do.

-Namaste brother, I hope you are ok from Earthquake. Please let me know, ok.
No reply.

Hi AC, are you ok?
Yeah, but I have not heard from my sister.
The one in Tapting?
No, she is ok, but wounded. Her house is destroyed. My younger sister I have not heard from. But my brother is there. I hope he is finding things out.
-Oh no, your family house in Tapting? The one we stayed in?
-Yeah, and the house my parents were staying in as well. Now my parents are staying elsewhere.

That’s the house where we stayed with all the musicians the night before our largest concert in 2011. The house we revisited in 2013. It’s where Little Mingma lived. Devastating.


List of places to get food and shelter in and around KTM, Kupondole Gurudwar/Mohinder Singh-9851069570 Bhaisipati, (Relief Chaudhary Group) Free noodles distribution/Bhushab Gurung-9851077802, Watet distribution whole KTM/Samir Poudel-9802065311, Around Chakrapth/Ambulance/Anish Shakya-9851090730, 9841024771, Around KTM/World Food Programme for Food and Water-5260607, Around KTM/Prasist Kandel-9851133822, Sailesh Sharma-9851017553 Dasharath Stadium Botteled Water, Around KTM/Food Water-97715260607, Free medicine delivery-9851017553, 9851133822 If blood needed contact/Youth For Blood numbers: KTM-9843552882, Biratnagar-9862005225, Chitwan-9855065135, Jhapa-9817976211, Butwal-9812900905 #prayfornepal #nepalearthquake #nepal #staystrong #hope #helpnepal

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Meanwhile, on Everest…
A film team I have been following was poised to make a movie about a US climber who planned to climb 6 of the world’s highest peaks to raise awareness for global child trafficking. The film maker, Elia Saikaly ended up with this footage instead.


Lakpa Rita spends a second climbing season rescuing victims instead of climbing Mt Everest for his clients.

Lakpa Rita spends a second climbing season rescuing victims instead of climbing Mt Everest for his clients.

The number dead on Everest this year surpasses last year’s Sherpa avalanche disaster. Most are Sherpas.


Hi Erika,

I know it’s been awhile since we’ve talked, but I’ve been thinking about you all weekend while reading through the newspaper articles about this tragic earthquake in Nepal. I’ll never forget the awesome presentations you and AC gave to us about Nepal and its amazing people and places.

A few of us have been talking about organizing some sort of benefit project – a concert, an art project, etc. We’ve got an army of empathetic kids who want to do something to help.

Are you still in contact with the 7 Summits Foundtion? Do you have any ideas regarding people or organizations we could get in contact with to make sure our efforts are helpful and not a hindrance?

Thank you for any direction you can point us in.


-Hi K, I hope you are doing ok. I am thinking of you all over there.
-Hi Erika, thanks for reaching. I am safe, all my families and relatives also safe. We living in safe house.
-Wow! Please share that the whole world is rallying to help Nepal right now. So many have reached out to me and asked how they can help.
-Yup this is something Nepal need. People are living in street.
-Did Boudhanath fall down?
-Swayambhu cracked… A lot lot places…
-I saw a photo of Boudha’s gold top on the ground in rubble?

6am this morning
Death toll 5000+ over 8 million affected (one fourth of Nepal’s population).
My phone dings just before my alarm:

-I’m ok sister. Thanks.
-Oh, that is good! I am glad you are ok.
-Thanks, sis.
-Is your family ok?
-S is only one I have not heard from. Do you know of he is ok?
-No contact sis
-Ok, thank you. Where are you?

Chat Conversation End

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