Nepal Donation Avenues

I am truly humbled that so many of you have asked me for this advice. It’s important, if you’re going to send funds through an organization to a group in need, that you know the money will show up on the other side and do its intended job. There is no failsafe recipe for figuring out how best to donate, but the following are suggestions with reasons why I chose them. Thanks for caring enough to help the people of Nepal.


Personal connections:

7 Summits Foundation – I have worked along side AC, the foundation CEO, for 4 years and find the organization honest, dedicated and very sensitive to reporting properly (501C3 paperwork is solid) and using funds through proper channels to its end. This organization is both a Seattle local org and a Nepal based org, run by a Nepali-American who is invested in improving Nepal. As of today, AC and his wife have donated $15,000 US of their own money to the foundation specifically for earthquake victims. They’ve also ordered all 100 of the tents from his trekking and climbing company (currently in Nepal) be sent to people for use now. 7SF will focus mostly on rebuilding and long-term solutions in the coming months. There is a button on the front page to donate directly to earthquake victims. Paypal or credit/debit card.

Crooked Trails – I have also done work for this org. One of the two founders has been working on human trafficking and other projects in Nepal for a decade. They are Seattle local, ear to the ground, in the trenches, and don’t mess around. Their current push is collecting supplies in the Seattle area to ship (in conjunction with Sherpa Adventure Gear) directly to Nepal this Monday. Chris MacKay loved Nepal like I do and is rallying everyone to send just $3, and hoping for 100,000 people to do so. So her goal is $300,000 in very small increments. Getting everyone involved is a great aim. #Give3Nepal. They’re also doing a Mt Si solidarity climb this Saturday May 2, and doing a 3 week rebuilding trip to Nepal. A sweet org to donate to.

Besides those, if you want to provide immediate assistance:

Matt Skousen is a friend of mine who runs a small hat shop in Missoula MT. His wife (Ang Choti Sherpa) is AC’s cousin. Their shop is supplied handmade hats by workers in Bhaktapur, Nepal, a historic district about 10 miles east of Kathmandu. It is one of the most quake-ravaged areas, so he is setting off himself to affect the area with his huge heart and whatever funds he can gather. He’s hoping for $10,000 US. Read the rest of his Go Fund Me campaign if you want to donate to a kind-hearted guy with a small Nepal-based business who just wants to help. He is on his way there now with hope that they’ll hit their funding mark, and will get it to an area very much in need.


Larger NGOs

If you’re more interested in a larger org, MSN has vetted these for you, which may or may not mean anything. But you’ll recognize the names, and that is a comfort to some.

Deep gratitude and thanks. Please ask if you have questions.