What Brings You Here?

I was standing out over the water, shooting my second Pokhara sunrise, when a large Western man approached me, held up his iPad the same direction I was pointing my camera, and said in a Canadian accent, “You come with better equipment!” I laughed as we took photos side by side for a moment. I asked him where he was from, “Nova Scotia, you’ve probably never heard of it.”

“Actually, I’ve been there. I drove from Boston through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to the top of Newfoundland.”

“Huh, Newfoundland is the only province I’ve never been to. Are you travelling?”

“I’m a photojournalist, some work, some vacation, some volunteer projects. What brings you here?”

“I’m a lawyer, but I work as what you call a statesman, I’m helping the Nepal government with their constitution.”

I love conversations like this! Seven years ago when I was here, and met the Prime Minister, he talked about how they were working hard to write the new nation’s first constitution. (Nepal was a kingdom until the late 1990s when a coup destroyed the monarchy which created 10 years of civil war. They settled down around 2008, I visited for the first time in 2011.)

He continued, “You know when Nepal completed their constitution a couple years ago? They bring in guys like me to help iron out their laws and put them into practice.”


“I’m off to Fiji in a few days.”

“Sounds like a rough existence.”

“Yeah, I know. My family doesn’t understand why I like to stay home during vacation though.”

We both laughed.

“Enjoy the sunrise!”

“You too.”