Book Cover Preview

The long anticipated, completely over contemplated, occasionally pretty…. book.

Here’s the cover, which will show you both the title and the cover art. (no, it’s not Mt Everest in the photo, don’t ask me why… read the book!)

Here is an excerpt that may or may not entice you to buy it.

And here are a few more specifics:

The book is 220 pages of text (105,000 words), 6X9 format (large paperback)

80 full color photo pages are inside

10% of the total book price will be donated to the 7 Summits Foundation.  So if for no other reason, buy one for good karma.

Some of you are in book clubs. If you want to order more than one copy, please let me know. This just might be a good book for your club, but that’s your call.

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