Nature and Outdoors

Are you feeling bound by your daily surroundings, looking for a deeper connection?

Nature is one of the deepest connections we have to our own world. It allows understanding that no other learning can replace. We learn so much about our world and about ourselves when we’re in touch with nature, and engaged with it regularly. Unfortunately, the days of running around barefoot in the woods are, at best, a memory. Think about the last time you allowed yourself to watch a flower open for the day, or see how an ant colony goes about it’s work. As our world becomes more plugged in, we lose our own personal connection with the natural world. It often leads to feeling bound by your daily surroundings, or empty, and lacking a deeper connection. Simple acts can reconnect, but it takes concerted effort to exchange our digital time for more time in the natural world. Our experiences in these workshops will explore ideas and practices that will bring our mind and spirit back to a more natural center.

We’ll inspire adventure, activity and develop skills, confidence, character and love of the great outdoors as we explore together as a community. You can expect to develop knowledge and wisdom in the natural world – plants, animals, biology, ecology, weather, and resources, and perhaps even fascination with some of these! There is immense joy in re-discovery of your outdoor nature, (you may also be impressed with what you already know!). Outdoor coursework and activities focus on how to be prepared, aware and comfortable in outdoor situations so that you can enjoy it fully and re-connect with it completely. Becoming engaged fully with the natural world takes practice but the rewards provide stress-relief and healing at the very least. 

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Dads and Kids in Nature – Too many dads feel the guilt of not spending enough time with their children. Then when you do get time, where do you spend it? In front of the TV or video games? Wrestling homework? Cleaning the house? This workshop re-connects kids and dads in a natural setting. Nature is a great equalizer which serves to bring people together and lessen the burdens of daily life. Learn how to work this sort of healthy time into your schedule for your benefit and for your children.

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