One of my favorite jobs is professional speaking. I have presented to outdoor enthusiasts, travel lovers, women’s groups, retirement communities, writing groups and schools about photography, culture, travel and inspiration. Through my photography I immerse attendees in the people, culture and passions. I believe that cultural travel and exposure to different ways of living is key to opening minds and hearts.

Some of my speaking engagements and descriptions are here:

Keynote speaker at REI Redmond Diva night 2012 – Inspiring women through adventure and discovery

Gear Up Expo Featured Speaker 2013 (close to the bottom) – Cultural photojournalism

REI Seattle Flagship store – A cultural adventure up the Everest Highway

Seattle area grade schools and middle schools – Immersion in a new country (through photography) and how kids in other countries live.

Outdoor Meetup presentation – What you see, eat and encounter along the Everest Highway

Book Release Party at SoulFood – After publishing my book – the chronicle of a month long tour with famous Nepali musicians and a Sherpa climber as they raised awareness about global warming through a series of live music concerts and speaking engagements – I spoke about the book and about the culture and country I encountered.

Diva night talk REI Redmond 4-2012