Finding your spirit – We will begin with nature and invite investigation of yourself. We’ll use practices for sitting personally with your own self, removing distractions and hindrances veiled as benefits. We’ll simplify thought and action through meditation, breaking things down to their basic parts. We’ll discuss societal pressures and personal expectations, focusing on our own ability to re-connect with our deepest self, our spirit. Through group workshops, we explore personal interpretations of self, including belief in yourself, confidence, decision making and staying true to you. We will exercise many tools in our kit, like meditation, journaling and directed inspiration for your inner person. 

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Art in Nature 1 – Drawing what you see and feel. This workshop weaves nature and your artistic exploration.  We’ll discuss ways of seeing, and how that relates to what you create in art. No previous art experience needed.

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Art in Nature 2 – Finding inspiration for art in Nature. Paints and canvas will be provided. We will do several nature studies, followed by group review and discussion about how your expression is elevated by a connection to nature.

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