Travel photojournalism ~ Outdoor industry ~ Press Releases ~ Marketing Materials ~ Business Consulting

I am a flexible, creative storyteller. I’ve worked with non-profit companies, consulting in marketing and business development, and spent over three years as Editor in Chief and Director of Content for a media outlet. I also wrote a full length book about my participation in an environmental project in Nepal.

Marketing writing pieces have included:

Gear reviews for footwear, backpacks, outerwear and luggage,

Press releases
Product guides, event announcements, specialty item comparisons, and Christmas shopping guides for your favorite outdoors enthusiast.

My travel writing and photo stories include:

viewing a cremation ceremony at the Bat Temple in Bali,

An excerpt from my book,

The windiest spot on earth, Mt Washington, to

A safari in Asia and two ways to look at it.

A look at politics and history of Nepal, especially following their massive earthquake,

and a piece about the cultural and political issues that the climbing industry is facing with the recent deaths of Sherpas on Mt Everest.

Nature and wildlife work:

Hiking with orca whales,

Birds of Mount Vernon, (photos)

Culture, animals and flora of Victoria, (photos)

A conservation piece on Sea Legacy about indigenous hunters (currently offline)

Training articles like:

What to pack in your first aid kit

Marketing and Business Consulting:

Organizing the details of business operations often takes an outside vision. I’ve served as a consultant to small businesses and non profit organizations on the details of founding their beginning steps, reaching customers and creating an effective workflow.

I also offer services related to managing content and company message. From marketing strategy and branding to communication plans and social media, I can create a new plan or help you structure your own to make it more effective.

Contact me at Erika[at] frommyart [dot]com to introduce your project. I’m open to a wide range of work.

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