The First Step on the Trail

My book is in its final stages. The writing portion is complete, save a couple thorns at the end, but we’ll get to those later. 220 pages of text have materialized after 7-ish months of driving my family mad. I have been on a mission of sorts, and it came to me in the form of this book. 
So now I have a bunch of stuff left over and needed a place to put it. If you decide to follow this trail, you’ll read some stories that didn’t make it into the book, you’ll find out things that it’s hard to convey in 125 words on Facebook, and you may well get a window into a warped but determined mind. But since I have completed writing on the book, I needed a place for the overflow (you don’t just shut a machine like that off with a switch) so the tailings will end up here until publication is complete.
Welcome to the final chapter.