Fall and Summer Photos

I’ve recently been spending time on my photojournalist blog, and a lot of my photos are ending up over there. I’ve done a fair amount of photo work and it sometimes ends up there as well, but as you might be able to tell from the name, From My ‘Art is where my heart is, even if it’s not where I always put my photos.

Here are a few from a recent fall hike. We had a great day and the vine maples were painted in warm colors against mossy forest floors and azure blue skies. That doesn’t happen a lot here because the fall clouds and rain serve to moderate the temps, and the cold nights are what cause leaf colors to pop. Anyway, here is a quick look at the Talapus Lake trail on October 4.

img_1302_std Vine maples on arrivalimg_1307_std

Light playing across mossy old logimg_1316_std

 Talus slope opening with light enough for vine maples to take hold


Waterfall enroute to the lake. I didn’t expect waterfalls, so I had fun hand-holding these.


Talapus Lake with a touch of fall color


Falls detail