Latest Travels

March and April of 2013 took me to Nepal for a second time, where I got elbow-deep in volunteer work and learning more about the culture. Mary Beth and I hiked through Solu, the region just below Everest, but the foothills and in the shadows of the high Himalayas, where we met an amazing village of people who don’t get much contact from the outside. They are a full day’s walk from the nearest road. We reached them by flying to the nearest airport, then walking two days, over 10,000 foot mountain ridges. It was challenging, beautiful and so very rewarding.

Asia twice in a year. Some things you just can’t anticipate, but this past year took me to Asia two times. Neither trip was planned long in advance, and both were rewarding and very worthwhile. I am also working with a travel author who leads an organization to promote gap year travel for high school graduates. It’s a cause that feels so very worthy. Travel changes people for the better. It makes our world smaller and larger all at once. Different people become more like us and we understand things we never did before. So when I got the chance to take my kids and husband to Asia, it was a no-brainer for me.

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I convinced my family that we should spend Christmas in Bali. Pretty much the exact opposite end of the Asian experience, I’d bet. Tropical Southern Hemisphere breezes spoiled us, and so did the people. I filled my camera with pastoral rice filed scenes, and people working in the villages unlike they do anywhere on this continent. So I am unrolling that imagery and story on my photojournalism blog, as it comes to me. I’ve blogged about it extensively by now. You can see some of my past photo galleries here. If you see an image you love, please inquire. I am happy to print and ship it to you.

Happy travels!