Digital Surprise

I have a confession to make. I never finished going through my 4000 photos and 250 videos from my Nepal trip in 2013. Part of the reason was because when I first went though them after I got home, my first batch (out of 12 total) had a string of corrupted photos. None of my programs could read them. I was heartbroken because, of course, it was a series at Boudhanath, the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple in Nepal. The technical snafu was frustrating and I spent a week copying and trying to mend the damaged files. It discouraged me enough that I never got through that series.

Long story short, I was looking through these photos yesterday and was able to reclaim some of the previously damaged photos! This is one of them.

A monk works his paryer beads in the shade of Boudhanath temple, Kathmandu, Nepal