Signature Workshops – Find what you’ve lost. Make it better than ever.

Re-Connecting with Nature – When was the last time you watched a flower open up? Or saw a bird build a nest, or let the smell of wet cedar trees soak into your soul? Our world today is full of screens and machines, deadlines and shortcuts, but it wasn’t always so. This workshop is your entry door to re-connect with nature. We will discover what it feels like to move at nature’s pace. We’ll exercise our senses and develop new wonder about the natural world around us. We’ll rediscover our own enthusiasm in things we have forgotten, or never experienced before, and we’ll unleash our own sense of wonder and joy. Included will be group projects and personal plans for bringing the natural world closer to you.

Dads and Kids in Nature – This dads and kids workshop offers deep re-connection with nature, time with community, and active learning time to reconnect with each other. This workshop is offered in full day and half day sessions.

Midlife Mama – Who are you without your children? As the heavy-hitting years of motherhood wind down, what’s next for you, personally? We’ll create community, connection and investigate how to go gracefully into your next steps.

 Re-Connect: Community – Is the internet getting you down? Do you remember real personal connection? Words spoken face to face rather than typed? This workshop uses a goal-setting process to reconnect to your spirit, invite community in, simplify and help remove negativity and habit circles to increase positivity and happiness in your everyday life.

Re-Challenge – This is a chance to re-up your game. If you have been looking for a mental or physical challenge to kick yourself into gear, and see new opportunities, this workshop is for you. We will explore and investigate barriers to change and barriers to success using nature and the natural world as our guide. We’ll access a toolbox that will help you think in new places, reach to new highs and learn to challenge yourself more successfully.

In Depth Practice Workshops – After completing any of the Signature workshops, feel free to expand your personal journey and solidify your reconnection with one of these offerings.

Mini Camino – Walk with me. In the spirit of the Camino De Santiago pilgrimage in Spain, we will undertake a weekend-long walk for the purpose of deep connection and reflection on goals of connecting in nature, community and spirit. 

Offlining Community – Practice and develop your re-connection through this structured round table community exchange. Step-by-step worksheets and check-ins encourage spiritual development. 

Community Health -Since fire was discovered by humans, we have gathered around a hearth to create, prepare and share in meals. This foundation of society is often missing in today’s fast-food world. The aim of this workshop is to re-connect with the sisterhood of large meal preparation and sharing.