Looking Glass

I’ve always loved words that describe themselves well. Looking Glass is a beautiful descriptor. If you think about how little we actually look anymore, it becomes even more so. I can so easily see Alice, in her prim, white dress, slowly picking up a looking glass (also called a magnifying glass, for those of you less historically-oriented types), and taking a long time – moments and hours and days – being still, studying, examining whatever it is she sees through that looking glass.

Thoughtful contemplation is an art we are losing; an act that I love. My artist self has spent hours strolling through Monet’s garden, breathing the air in the Flemish countryside, and listening to conversations in Raphael’s School of Athens without ever having been there. It takes looking as though you have a looking glass.

So I took that image of Alice and the Looking Glass with me when we went to the Chihuly Garden this week. Here’s what I spent time looking at.